Money problem to Kanden executives “The town will not be investigated for the time being” Fukui Takahama, September 27, 17:20

Deputy Mayor Okamoto, Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture, interviewed at the town hall on the afternoon of 27th, saying, “As a government, the safety of the nuclear power plant is important, and it is questionable whether the government will respond.” The idea of ​​not investigating as a town was shown.

Among them, Mr. Okamoto, the deputy mayor of Moriyama, said about the problem that Motoyama Mori handed over the money to the executives of Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. It could happen and lead to the wrong perception that "Nuclear power is not trustworthy".

In addition, Mr. Moriyama said, “It is a person who had a hard time in attracting the Takahama nuclear power plant and recognized that it built the foundation of the town. As an administrative man, Takahama-cho became rich in finance by attracting the nuclear power plant. I learned how to choose a business because it doesn't last forever. "

On the other hand, when asked whether to investigate the problem as a town, “It is important for the administration to drive the nuclear power plant safely, and it is doubtful whether the administration will respond. I think we should not let it go if there is any doubt on the line, but we have not received a report from Kansai Electric Power, so we will respond if there is such a doubt. Showed an idea not to do.