The flow of funds that is known to be the return of nuclear money is September 27 19:59

Kansai Electric Power has accepted the receipt of large amounts of money. The unclear flow of gold goods surrounding the nuclear power plant has become clear.

According to officials, the Kanazawa National Tax Bureau last year conducted a tax survey of a construction company in Takahama Town, which undertakes related work for the Takahama nuclear power plant. It turns out that I was receiving.

After further investigation by the NTA, it was found that six executives including Kansai Electric's Chairman Makoto Yagi received 180 million yen for the seven years from former assistant Moriyama to Ototoshi. That means that four of them filed a tax return after the tax investigation began.

Mr. Moriyama, the assistant assistant, did not report about 300 million yen received from the construction company.

According to Kansai Electric Power and related parties, the Kansai Electric Power Company, which was pointed out by the National Tax Bureau, received money from former assistant Moriyama. , A total of 20 people, and it turned out that they received goods and money, equivalent to 320 million yen.

A large amount of nuclear power money that has flowed from Kansai Electric Power to the location of the nuclear power plant has been returned to executives.