17 junior and senior high school students bee stings on a forest road During school events Fukui Katsuyama September 27

On the morning of February 27, 17 people, including junior high school students and high school students who were walking along the forest road at school events, were stung by bees. Twelve of them received medical attention at the hospital, but all have mild symptoms.

According to the school corporation "Hokuriku Gakuen", 17 students from Hokuriku Junior High School and Hokuriku High School junior high school first grade to high school 3rd graded hands, legs, heads, etc. on the forest road in Katsuyama City around 10:30 am It means that it was stung by a bee.

The teacher who was led in the field gave first aid, and then 12 students who complained of pain were treated at the hospital, but all had mild symptoms.

The students participated in a school event on the 27th, walking 25.5 kilometers from the Rokuroshi Kogen in Katsuyama City to the prefectural road and forest road heading to the ski resort “Skijam Katsuyama”.

The top student was stabbed by a bee about 10 km from the start, and all of them turned back to the start point.

Mr. Hideto Tsukada, Vice President of Hokuriku High School, said, “Teachers took safety measures in advance, such as checking the course in the field, but there was damage. For students and parents who were damaged, I am very sorry. ”