• Letizia and Meghan, the royals also surrender to the cowboy this fall
  • Letizia recovers the bargain tweed dress she bought on sale for less than 20 euros

We were talking with an international 'Letizia watcher', a specialist, in addition, in fashion in European royal houses, how much the dress of the Queen has evolved since it stormed our lives more than 15 years ago. When the world became aware of its existence when it was seen in the royal box of our first coliseum, dressed in a set of Adolfo Dominguez accompanying his future in-laws and husband.

We analyze how Ms. Letizia's style has been from that white trouser suit by Armani Collezioni that was a little big, to the current constant 'carolinism' with her brushstrokes of Boss , going through her experiments with designers who have not returned to to speak, like Miguel Palacios and Myriam Ocaríz , with his glorious nights of Lorenzo Caprile later and the long period so dazzled populated by the experiments of Felipe Varela.

My friend, seeing the photographs of her three appearances this week in which she has been very favored and relaxed, said that she must have done a 'refrescadinha' so subtle that you can see the fair. What I have seen is that his hair, longer and longer, despite these orphaned gray hair, has regained brightness and life. The generous mane is a great royal trend, since in addition to the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, Queen Máxima has a great one.

Doña Letizia looked very stylish these days, with the shirt of Hugo Boss that premiered in the Canary Islands, Zara's 'chanelizing' summer tweed dress that she repeated and with Carolina Herrera's blue denim shirtmaker yesterday, also repeated.

Letizia recovers the bargain tweed dress she bought on sale for less than 20 euros

We must also recognize that SM has been a season more chic than usual. An example would be the white 'wrap dress' of Lola Li last week, which although it opened and had to ask for a safety pin, gave a great package for his night at the opera. We see some of these small flaws, but the general public escapes them.

Two great decorators, one professional, the other not, Duarte Pinto Coelho and Carlos de Beistegui, said that the important thing is the final result and to achieve it it is very permissible to mix the genuine with the 'faux'. SM, by combining the wrap with the wonderful twin bracelets of Mrs. Victoria Eugenia, De Grisogono earrings and Blahnik's shoes , she succeeded.

The shame, as my friend commented, is that Mrs. Letizia after a season in which we see her as 'lady' and royal, usually surprise us with something experimental like the pigtail with the wave that covers her forehead as the 'taquimecas' of the last century that favors nothing.

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