To the Stars (Ad Astra)

The new directorial project of James Gray was released on the screens - another film about the astronaut debuting at the Venice Film Festival (we keep in mind the “Gravity” of Alfonso Cuaron and “The Man on the Moon” by Damien Chazell).

The action “To the Stars” takes place in the near future, when mankind has already mastered the near-Earth space, and flights into space have long become commonplace.

30 years before the storyline, the scientific expedition Lima, led by astronaut Clifford McBride, went to Neptune in search of an alien mind. But as soon as the ship landed at its destination (about 16 years ago), communication with the team was interrupted.

Now, from the depths of space comes a strange radiation, causing cataclysms on Earth. According to some reports, the emission of energy comes from Neptune, and MacBride can be alive ... Following him with a secret mission (to deliver weapons to Neptune), NASA sends the astronaut’s son, Roy McBride. But before Roy has to go through an obstacle course on the Moon and Mars.

Brad Pitt played astronaut Roy McBride. The role of his father Clifford went to Tommy Lee Jones. Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland are also in the tape. The creation of endless space landscapes was entrusted to the operator of Interstellar Hoyte Van Hoytem.


Long before the start of work on the Hero, the creators of the tape identified references for themselves - franchises about Jason Bourne and James Bond. According to Alexander Petrov, as a result, the Hero genre turned out to be closer to the Deadpool and Kingsman: Secret Service films, including due to subtle humor.

The ambitious project of Karen Hovhannisyan tells about the top-secret spy network “Youth” created by special agent Oleg Rodin (Vladimir Mashkov). Each of the agents of “Youth” after training went abroad under the guise of an exchange student, but with the task of “waiting for an order”.

After the death of Motherland, the network was seemingly forgotten. His son Andrei (Petrov), also a student of Youth, emigrated to Germany. His classmate Masha Rakhmanova (Svetlana Khodchenkova) lives there. Once, a father contacts Andrei, who was considered dead for many years, and reports that a threat loomed over Yunost. Rodin Jr. finds Rakhmanov, and then goes in search of his father.

The script for the film was written by Nikolai Kulikov - the author of the sports drama "Movement Up", the comedy "I am losing weight" and the series "Tolya-robot". Read more about the picture - in the material RT.

“With Love, Antosha” (Love, Antosha)

The life and death story of an actor with Russian roots is one of the most tragic in the film industry. Anton Yelchin died in a ridiculous accident, forgetting to put the car on the handbrake.

The hardworking actor was not afraid to experiment with genres and always supported novice filmmakers (for example, the Corey Finley project Thoroughbreds). By the age of 27, he had achieved great success in his career, he was passionately loved by his friends and fans. This is described in the film "With Love, Antosha."

To capture the memories of colleagues and friends about Yelchin, the actor’s parents were invited by actor John Voight, father of Angelina Jolie. Initially, they turned to the director Drake Dorimus, who shot Yelchin in the film "Like a Madman." However, the director did not find the strength to make a film about a friend and advised Yelchin to contact the documentary filmmaker Garret Price.

Price compiled a documentary portrait of Anton Yelchin from his own videos, as well as interviews with friends and colleagues, including Kristen Stewart, Willem Dafoe, JJ Abrams, Chris Pine and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Oh my god!” (Roubaix, une lumière)

In 2002, in the commune of Roubaix in France, two drug-dependent girls killed an elderly neighbor. In 2008, TV director Mosco Buco showed their recognition in his documentary film Roubaix, the Central Commissariat, Current Investigations (Roubaix, commissariat central, affaires courantes), and in 2019, the Frenchman Arno Deplachen released a full-length picture based on Buko's material.

On Christmas evening, the police chief of the French commune Roubaud Daud (Roshdy Zem) and the rookie Louis go on a call - an elderly resident of the city is killed. On suspicion of murder, police arrest two neighbors of the deceased - the girls Claude (Leah Seydoux) and Marie (Sarah Forestier).

The five-time Golden Palm Branch nominee Depleshen again claimed the main award of the Cannes Film Festival this year. However, the prize then went to the South Korean comedy drama "Parasites."


In the 1930s, the children's poet Agnia Barto, in collaboration with actress Rina Zelena, wrote a story about a five-year-old girl who left home. The script “Foundling” was adopted at Mosfilm, and in 1939 a film was released with the participation of Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt.

This week, cinemas will show Sergei Vassiliev's “Foundling”, a script that was written with references to the original source in 1939. However, the creators of the tape note that the new “Foundling” is a completely independent story with original characters and script.

Phantom Patrol (Deadtectives)

Phantom Patrol is a new project by the producer of Elite Squad Alex Garcia. The release of the film abroad took place last fall.

At the center of the story are the adventures of a team of unlucky paranormal researchers who talk about their “experience” on the air of a reality show. The presenters decide to raise the ratings of the program by going on a quest to a mansion in Mexico. There they find out to their horror that supernatural forces are indeed operating in the house.