In full controversy over accusations of sexual harassment against Placido Domingo , another scandal shakes the world of opera. The Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo (Arezzo, 1977) has been expelled by the Royal Opera House in London after an incident happened during the institution's tour of Japan. The singer allegedly had groped one of the choir's components at the end of the performance, during the final greetings.

The incident occurred during a montage of 'Faust', by Charles Gounod, at the Bunka Kaikan Theater in Tokyo, on the 18th. According to the British tabloid 'The Sun', Grigolo's gesture occurred in public view and the rest of the choristers , who recriminated their attitude to the tenor, which caused him to argue with them.

As a result, the Royal Opera House removed Grigolo from the cast of the last performance of the tour, last Sunday, in Yokohama. Georgy Vasiliev replaced the Italian in the leading role of the opera.

For all these reasons, the Covent Garden opera issued a statement explaining the situation: "After an alleged incident on September 18 in which Vittorio Grigolo was involved, the Royal Opera House removed Mr. Grigolo from the company and has opened an investigation immediately. We cannot comment further on this matter while the investigation is ongoing . "

Nicknamed 'Il Pavarottino' after surprising Luciano himself when he sang with 13 years in front of him, Vittorio Grigolo is one of the leading figures in the world operatic scene. In Spain he remembers his time at the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia, where at the beginning of this decade he participated in a production of 'Manon'.

In an interview granted in 2015, Grigolo defined himself as a "sex addict . " And he defined what attracts him to women: "His legs, his skin. I am attracted to mature women ... Complete women. If there is a chemical attraction, I don't care at all if he has a toned butt or not."

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