Reduced tax rate of 8% or 10% September 25, 14:17 at the golf course shop

With the consumption tax rate raised, leisure facilities nationwide are struggling to meet the reduced tax rate. Even at golf courses, there is a difference in the number of food and drinks at the stores on the course, such as a place where the tax rate is the same as the 10% tax rate for eating out to prevent confusion.

At the store located beside the course of the golf course, playing golfers can stop by and buy coffee and sandwiches to drink and eat in the store and on the course.

Nationwide golf courses are considering how to handle these reduced food and drink tax rates, and NHK interviewed 26 golf courses in Okayama Prefecture, where there are shops on the course.

As a result, when taking goods out of the store, there are 16 golf courses that apply a reduced tax rate of 8% as “take-out”, and on the premise that they want to eat and drink on the spot to avoid confusion. "There are four golf courses with the same 10% tax rate as" On the other hand, there are six places where we have not decided to respond.

In the “Sanyo Golf Club” in Akamine City, Okayama Prefecture, which applies a reduced tax rate when taking goods out of the store, Kazutoshi Sugawara talked with the managers many times, but they could not be unified within the prefecture. I'm worried that there will be confusion among customers. "