Narita Airport Congestion alleviation by narrowing down arrival flights in case of emergency 6:33 on September 26th

On 9th of this month, due to the influence of Typhoon No.15, traffic to the city center was paralyzed, and in response to the problem that a maximum of approximately 17,000 people were held at Narita Airport, airport companies were traveling from Japan and abroad to Narita in an emergency. It has been newly found out that it has been negotiating with the national government by summarizing proposals to narrow down the arrival flights by delaying takeoff of the airport and alleviate the congestion of the terminal building.

From the 9th to the 10th of this month, at Narita Airport, approximately 350 aircraft arrived one after another at locations where railways and buses to the city center could not be operated due to the fallen trees associated with Typhoon # 15.

As a result, a maximum of approximately 17,000 people were unable to leave the airport terminal buildings, resulting in heavy congestion, and the airport company was proceeding with a study to prevent recurrence.

As a result, if there is a possibility that this situation will occur, the number of arrival flights will be narrowed by delaying the takeoff of flights from Japan and overseas to Narita through the country, and the congestion at the terminal building will be eased. It was newly found out by interviewing the airport company.

The airport company has already presented these proposals to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and is proceeding with discussions.

Narita Airport Company said, “Calculate the number of passengers that can be accepted at the terminal building by grasping the situation of transportation, and if it exceeds that, ask the government to respond promptly and prepare a system to prevent congestion. ”