Trouble on the skin with "tattoo seal"

Recently, regarding the `` tattoo sticker '' that attaches a picture to the face or hand at sports events etc., the Consumer Affairs Agency has called for attention as reports have been reported that the skin has become irritated after use .

The “tattoo sticker” is a sticker used to transfer pictures and patterns onto the face and arms, and since it is easy to enjoy the effects of a “tattoo”, it is increasingly seen at sporting events.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, it has been reported that this “tattoo sticker” causes itching and irritation to the skin, and in some cases, spots such as spots remain on the face. It is that.

In response to this, the National Life Center investigated 20 products, including “tattoo stickers” and “face paint” paints that draw pictures on the face, etc., and 13 products contain metals that may cause allergies. However, it was necessary to pay attention to the fact that there are no indications or ingredients that are prohibited for use in cosmetics.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, these products have no safety standards for ingredients, so when using them, try using the inside of your arm in advance, or call a dermatologist as soon as you feel an abnormality. It is.

Mr. Yoshifumi Serizawa, General Manager of Consumer Safety Division, Consumer Affairs Agency, said, “Be careful because it is expected that there will be more opportunities to use Rugby World Cup and Halloween.”