President Trump's diplomatic pressure to investigate relations with Democratic Party Biden or September 21 21:47

A new suspicion has been raised in US President Trump. Media reports that there was suspicion that Ukrainian presidents were being pressured to investigate Ukrainian companies where the sons of former Democratic Vice President Biden served as directors.

According to the leading American newspaper, Wall Street Journal, President Trump was headed by the son of former Vice President of the opposition and democratic party, Biden, when he talked with President Zelesky in Ukraine in July. There is a suspicion that it has repeatedly put pressure on Ukrainian companies to check for inappropriate behavior.

On the other hand, when Mr. Biden was vice president, he suspected that he had urged him to dismiss the prosecutor general who was investigating companies involved in his son as part of the corruption investigation that had been going on in Ukraine.

For this reason, President Trump's lawyer was investigating this allegation as Mr. Biden gained support in selecting Democratic candidates for next year's presidential election.

In this regard, President Trump said, “We should look into Mr. Biden,” while avoiding the statement whether he asked the reporters to investigate the Ukrainian side.

Also, over this telephone conference, an American intelligence agency official who considered this as a problem was determined to be an `` urgent concern '' that the inspector should notify the parliament after reporting a whistleblower last month But in the end, the notification was postponed.

The Democratic Party is increasingly criticizing the use of diplomacy in politics and concealing it, and as a new suspicion of President Trump, it is likely to call a big argument in the future.

Mr. Biden “Announcement of Telephone Record”

In response to the press, Democratic Party Vice President Biden issued a statement.

In this, Mr. Biden said, “If it is true, President Trump ’s willingness to abuse our powers and deceive our country is unlimited. For political purposes, "It's really frustrating, because it's a form of undermining foreign policy and weakening national security."

After that, he called for the release of the record, saying, “President Trump should immediately make the telephone record in question public and leave it to the judgment of the American people”.

I did not mention the allegations directed to me.