There is something that attracts us towards the unknown, towards beautiful coincidence, and man seeks happiness and comfort, and then he boasts of all those difficulties that he faced, as if that was what he aspired to, and here I am talking about travel. Many travelers plan to travel in detail, counting every minute you pass, and every meter they walk, which is really desirable, especially when the trip with a large family, in these cases careful planning must be on the responsible for this trip, there is no room for trouble here . But I have a different opinion when it is exclusively for young people or lovers of exploration in general, my advice to them: leave something to chance without planning, go to a city where you randomly caught your eye during Google Street View, which is another fun, and in person, My happiest memories during my journey were those that happened by chance. Going to a beach without an identity, or a city where there are no tourists, walking for 10 kilometers wandering on our faces without a specific destination, going to the train station and choosing a city or village I know nothing about, Then go explore them!

The plan is that there is no plan, and this way of travel may show you wonders, or it may let you down a lot, but if you look at it from another angle, memories with difficult travel situations turn into memories that you will be proud of, remember and remember on every occasion. . There is something strange in the human, happy memories turn to sad after a period, and for their demise, and sad memories turn to happy memories, after a period, and for its demise as well.

Beautiful coincidence gives you that delightful feeling, a new discovery that flooded Columbus and Magellan. The detailed planning of the trip makes you see cities and attractions while browsing the Internet once and twice and three, in a way that may extinguish your enthusiasm or disappoint you when you visit this place in fact, so combining planning and leaving some days to do something random is a magic recipe for an unforgettable trip .

Note: the title does not necessarily reflect the content, and you may remember the songbook of Esfahani, I chose this title to arouse your curiosity, so you search for yourself Tesla story with a different article in the body of the article, contains useful tips on travel from my simple experience « Emoji wears sunglasses.

There is something strange in humans, happy memories turn to sad after a while, in order to disappear.


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