Traditionally, Friday for Channel One viewers was marked by the vocal project Voice. 60+. " The second issue involved the completion of part of the “blind auditions” - next week the project participants will move on to the round of “knockouts”.

The performance of the first contestants - a native of Kazan, the sisters of Galina and Olga Bogdanovs - was appreciated by Pelageya and Lev Leshchenko. The last vocalist was chosen as a mentor.

The sisters performed a gypsy song “The Boat”. According to the Bogdanovs, they had heard such music since childhood, as they grew up next to gypsies.

“We are so imbued with this singing. We just fell in love with gypsy singing, ”explained Galina Bogdanova.

In turn, the founder of the Latin American band, Petersburger Vladislav Zuev sang the jazz hit Ain't Misbehavin 'by Thomas Waller.

He was invited to his team by Mikhail Boyarsky. “Pierre Richard is no good for you,” he said and took his hat from the musician as a trophy. Later, Lev Leshchenko took her.

A surprise for the mentors and the audience was that Zuev had already collaborated with one of the mentors, Valeria: during the singer’s first tour in St. Petersburg, he worked as her sound engineer.

The next participant in the project, Leonid Makeenko, said that he sings as much as “as long as he remembers himself,” and his voice range is three octaves. Despite this, he worked in the mine for more than 25 years.

At the “blind audition” Makeenko sang the folk song “Ah, you darling” and was accepted into the Pelageya team. The jury admired the vocal abilities of the participant.

“If you worked on the surface, then you would have been at the Bolshoi Theater for a long time,” Boyarsky noted.

Youth, intelligence and talent - this is how the TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev described the participant Irina Nizhegorodtseva.

In her youth, she mastered the drumming, and after - academic vocals. However, a musical career because of love had to be abandoned for some time, the singer noted.

To participate in "blind auditions", she chose the song I Put a Spell On You, best known by jazz singer Nina Simon. The performance of Nizhny Novgorod was evaluated by Lev Leshchenko and Valeria - the participant chose the first.

The musician Alexander Chance, as Nagiyev rightly and with a pun noted, got a chance and became one of the vocalists of the Valeria team.

A cover of the song Unchain My Heart and the accompanying improvisation of Chance, Boyarsky considered "a worthy turn."

“Even Joe Cocker (performer of Unchain My Heart. - RT ) wheezed,” Leshchenko noted and added that Chance was the leader of the first variety show in Russia.

A native of Moscow, now living in New York, Anatoly Alyoshin said the project “Voice. 60+ ”has“ motivational power for older people. ” For the performance, he chose Vyacheslav Dobrynin's hit “Crazy Rain”. Alyoshina invited Pelageya to her team.

“Of course, I understand that I am now called your mentor, but I feel that I have something to learn from you,” Pelageya remarked at last.

Meanwhile, it turned out that Alyoshin, like Chance, had already met with Lev Leshchenko: before moving to the USA, the musician sang in VIA "Jolly Fellows".

The tailor from Moscow, Igor Afanasyev, was the last member to enter the team of Mikhail Boyarsky. Even in the years of work in the fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Afanasyev played in the musical team, but soon the participation in the project came to naught.

“I consider myself a creative person,” he said. - Probably, it is always difficult in one direction. And now I wanted to return, but in a different way. ”

Dmitry Usik is a military pensioner and the only participant in the second issue of “blind auditions,” whose performance was appreciated by all the mentors. Usyk sang the song “Lonely accordion” and went to the Pelageya team.

“I am an army man, but I have been following art and literature all my life,” he admitted.

The judges did not turn to Yuri Tsenin, Nina Tartakovskaya and Alexander Subbotin. However, the mentors did not fail to note the uniqueness of each of the participants.

At the end of the release Valery, Lev Leshchenko, Mikhail Boyarsky and Pelagia congratulated each other on “staffed teams”.

“The best of the best move on,” summed up Nagiyev.

The results of the first "blind auditions"

Premiere of the second season of the vocal project “Voice. 60+ ”was aired on Channel One on September 13th. Instead of musicians Leonid Agutin and Valery Meladze, two of the four jury seats were taken by Mikhail Boyarsky and Valeria.

The coach of the first season Lev Leshchenko and the real "veteran" of the project, singer Pelageya, retained their places. By the way, it was her audience who called the best mentor of the premiere season.

According to the results of the first day of “blind auditions”, most of the team managed to form the singer Valeria: three of the four vacant seats went to Severouralsk resident Vladimir Girtsyk, lead singer of the Samotsvety ensemble Oleg Sleptsov and the oldest participant in the project “Voice. 60+ ”to Ludmila Pakhomova, who celebrated her 91st birthday last spring.

Two people in a team were scored by Mikhail Boyarsky and Lev Leshchenko. Among the wards of Boyarsky are actor and film director Vladimir Laptev and singer Elena Gurileva, Leschenko's team includes professional musician Andrei Lysikov and Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Shivrin. Pelagia, in the first issue of the season, has so far selected only one musician - a resident of the Penza region Mikhail Ryzhov.

Shortly before the launch of the second season of the project “Voice. 60+ »Channel One management announced a new voting system for the project, which will be presented in the season finale in early October.