Graduation ceremony venue Nippon Budokan can't be used at the Olympics.

The impact of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is surprising. Nihon Budokan, which is a graduation ceremony venue for a university with a large number of students, could not be used for the repair work accompanying the Olympics.

According to Hosei University, the secretary of the “Graduation and Entrance Ceremony Ceremony Eighth University Liaison Conference” created at the university that hosts the ceremony at Nippon Budokan, I was informed that I was unable to use the ceremony hall three years ago. Negotiations at Nihon University, Meiji University, Toyo University, etc. have decided to find alternative venues for each university.

As a result, Kunigikan of Ryogoku was decided as the new venue by the six universities.

However, parents, grandparents, and even siblings may attend attending recent graduation and entrance ceremonies, which means that there is a risk that the number of participants will not be accepted at Kokugikan, which is approximately 70% of the Nippon Budokan.

For this reason, Hosei University decided to limit the number of attendant attendants who had not been restricted to one per student, and decided to attach an admission ticket for one person to the ceremony guidance. .

In addition, since Kokugikan has seats that surround the ring, some of the seats cannot be seen, so five large screens will be installed and videos will be posted for those who cannot enter the venue. It means that we decided to distribute the ceremony at the site “Youtube”.

A senior student at the university said, “It is a pity that there is only one attendant. I was sorry for my parents because I had been paid tuition fees for a long time.”

Daisuke Kaneko, General Manager, General Affairs Department, General Affairs Department, Hosei University, said, “I think that there are many cases where a family comes to the venue and only one person enters at the entrance. It was.

Distributed graduation ceremony at each campus Toyo University

In response to the inability to hold graduation ceremonies at Nippon Budokan, Toyo University decided to hold graduation ceremonies distributed across campuses.

Toyo University has a graduation ceremony every year at Nihon Budokan with over 10,000 students and parents, but this year the Hakusan campus in Tokyo, where the headquarters is located, and the Itakura campus in Itakura, Gunma Prefecture The “Distributed Graduation Ceremony” will be held on March 23 next year.

However, since there is no facility on each campus where graduates can gather, the largest auditorium on the Hakusan campus can only accommodate about 700 people, so the classroom will also be used as a temporary ceremony hall.

The number of graduation venues is expected to be around 30 on the Hakusan campus alone, and depending on the venue, the ceremony held by the president is likely to be viewed in advance.

The university is also considering directing the graduation mood by creating an object that looks like a diploma on the campus and using it as a shooting point.

“We are very sorry that we cannot open a graduation ceremony at Nippon Budokan, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom, but I think that graduation ceremonies in classrooms that students are accustomed to will be regarded as special. "