The International Festival of Photography `` Exposer '' 2019 hosted the international photographer France Lanting, who specializes in portraying environmental life, where he presented a session entitled `` face to face with life '' in which he reviewed the secrets of nature, and talked about its future, revealing his concern about the changes that occur due to climate and population expansion.

France Lanting spent forty years photographing ecological life, studying the behaviors of different animals and insects. Of rare animals.

Speaking at the start of the session, Lanting spoke of nature's ability to protect itself.

To demonstrate the accuracy of his theory, Lanteng showed images of one of the rare species of frogs living in the desert. "He is the last of its kind, and he still struggles to survive in ways that create him in a spectacular way. I would not be surprised if I returned to the same place to find a whole colony of this species," he said. .

"Animals are ambassadors to the ecosystem and there is a lot to learn from them in order to conserve diversity and resources," said Lanting, who has worked for years with National Geographic. "So my journey of portraying animals began by trying to see the world from their point of view, that is, the way they don't feel I am an outsider."

Lanteng showed pictures of a group of monkeys and noted that this species has a strange social system.``These monkeys depend on securing their needs and their livelihoods on females.It is very introverted and isolated, but pollution of the environment and hunting for a few dollars threatens to become extinct, '' he said.

"The cheetahs, known as citta, are also threatened with extinction," said Lanting. This fear of losing him led me to chase him for a year in the desert of Libya until I took 10 pictures ».