An event that walks around the city with a relay that helps people understand dementia September 22, Tokyo 4:18

September 21st is “World Alzheimer's Day” that calls for understanding of dementia. In Tokyo, an event was held to walk around the city while relaying a plow with the people with dementia in order to get the correct understanding of dementia.

Approximately 450 people, including people with dementia, care providers, and local people, participated in the event “RUN companion + Naka 2019” held in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.

Participants wore orange T-shirts with the symbol color for dementia support and started in three courses in Nakano Ward.

This event was held to connect people with dementia and people in the community to get to know each other, so that they could understand the dementia correctly and create a chance to interact easily. In a cafe where people with dementia gather on the way, pass Tasuki to the next person and head for the goal.

Some people were always aiming for the goal while revealing their problems.

The university students who participated said, “I was surprised because they had the image of“ quiet ”or“ no expression ”when they had dementia, but they were together and they were very energetic and full of smiles.

In addition, an 89-year-old man with dementia said, “I am happy to be able to connect with local people because I live alone. It was a valuable time to meet many people.”

Mr. Kazumichi Miyahara, the chairman of the event executive committee, said, “There are many people who live in the community even when they have dementia. People and their families can say“ I have dementia ”and everyone helped each other. I want to make a connection that can be done. "