The Sharjah Center for Entrepreneurship (SHIRAA) called on youth to innovate and innovate in projects.

This came during the activities of the third day of the exhibition «Creative Publishing Cafe», which is organized by the Sharjah Book Authority, and concludes today at the headquarters of the Sharjah Publishing City, as part of the celebration of the title of Sharjah as the World Book Capital 2019.

Saeed Nofal, director of project development at Shiraa, said that cultural investment is getting a lot of attention. This type achieves more than one goal at the same time, most notably promoting cultural mobility on the one hand and promoting the economic sector on the other.

He revealed that 72 companies are under the umbrella of «sail», and projects have achieved remarkable success, as the volume of investments amounted to 37 million dollars, and achieved sales of 24 million dollars, since the launch of the center three years ago.

Naoufel explained that Sheraa's policy focuses on fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and creating a new generation of technology pioneers, by pushing young people to brainstorm, unleash their imaginations, and engage in the worlds of innovation and technological investment.

He pointed out that the culture of innovation is one of the main drivers of the development process in the communities, which led the Center to move towards promoting this culture, and provide a favorable environment for them by knowing that their young ideas are small or large, welcome, care and attention in Sharjah.

Nofal pointed out that the center organizes a number of programs, training courses and specialized workshops for entrepreneurs, in addition to a number of programs for university students, which aim to introduce them to the market with innovative projects, and not to wait for jobs.

One of the examples of success, which passed on the sail, where the Center received the idea of ​​a young man, related to the creation of a robot capable of entering the sea water to remove waste, and the idea was a great success prompted the Sharjah Environment Company (Bee'ah) to cooperate with the owner of the idea later. He explained that the Center participates in many international events and exhibitions, and also sends some companies that are under its umbrella to external events, to gain experience and exchange experiences.

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Said Nofal:

«Ideas of young people, small or large,

Welcome, care and attention ».