André Hazes is angry about all the stories in the gossip magazines, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle go into the bar with baby Archie and Fabrizio from Temptation Island apologizes to Pommeline. An overview of the entertainment world of last week.

"Did André Hazes also have a secret date with Imanuelle Grives?", "André Hazes was spotted intimately with the daughter of Mario Been", "Is student Romy going to be Mrs. Hazes?" and "Does spicy love rumor André Hazes cost this family happiness?" In recent weeks, André Hazes was pretty much linked to every blonde woman in the Netherlands, as long as it wasn't his own Monique.

Nikkie Plessen was said to have tongue with him in an Amsterdam bar, Mario Been's daughter was seen with him on a walk and he even went on holiday with Romy. Week after week it was written down how Monique's heart was broken and how André didn't seem to care.

For André the size was full this week and so he made a clear statement on Instagram: there has been no question of an affair. With none of the blonde beauties.

"I have been kept silent for a while because I am not very interested in what is being written about me. I know that Monique is strong in her shoes and if there is something we will always have that trust in each other. ", the 25-year-old singer writes in a photo series of the gossip front pages.

André thinks that Story hates him, or an obsession, because the stories that keep coming back go very far. "I ask these magazines to think about the consequences of these Wednesdays, because then the booklets will come out."

The singer has never deceived Monique and he wants it to be finished with the stories. The chief editors of Story and Weekend do not recognize themselves in the image that André paints. The editor-in-chief of Story called it nonsense in Shownieuws . "He calls us because we are on top of the news and we have indeed been following him for a few weeks. Of course you cannot always appear in the magazines only if you want it yourself or if you have something to plug."

According to the editor-in-chief of the magazines, they are making news and André would do well if he just responded if they asked. The chance that André does that again, however, seems to be gone: he would rather say it his way.


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We have a beer

A fairytale wedding, a child's dream: it seems Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have all been granted unwise. The couple is happy, the British press seems to be a little less common for Meghan and now it appears that there is even some space for leisure time.

The upbringing cannot begin early enough and so the British royals son Archie, who celebrated his fourth month in the world on September 6, took it into the pub. The pictures appear from a few weeks ago, so whoever wants to join is too late, but it's good to know that this is a pub near Frogmore Cottage, where the family lives.

On a Sunday evening, the couple went for a bite to eat in the pub with the baby in a car seat. Meghan kept it by the water, but Harry drank a few beers with the traditional Sunday roast . The food could be eaten in peace, because one of the people present said that everyone left them alone and it even seemed that nobody recognized them.

In total, the couple spent more than two hours in the pub, and anyone who immediately sees a doom scenario of a crying baby is wrong: Archie kept quiet all the time, even when his mother was changing his diaper.

The pub will no doubt become a popular spot for fans of the British royal family, hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple and Archie. With Harry's busy schedule, however, it can take another four months to see the inside of a bar.


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Sorry. No, but really

Anno 2019 you really can no longer arrive with a bunch of flowers to apologize. Even at Het Spijt Me , the age-old book is now out the door. Digital you can also say quite sorry and an additional advantage: then everyone immediately sees how sympathetic you are.

Fans of Temptation Island have watched the four couples with surprise in recent weeks. Thomas soon decided that he didn't have to be loyal to Yasmin, Channah turned out to be pregnant, Shirley broke up halfway with Damian and Orpheo made one bizarre statement after the other.

The only fairly normal couple seemed to be Fabrizio and Pommeline. Although the former seductress seemed unable to stop crying because she missed her "Fabri", the two seemed to come out of the fight intact. Fabrizio asked his Pommeline to marry him again and a fairy tale was written.

True fans knew better: Pommeline announced earlier that their engagement was stranded after the recordings and later all kinds of stories about Fabrizio came out. He had cheated with seductress Julia, turned out to have a child and was already together with a Miss Belgium finalist.

After seeing the last episode, which has been on Videoland since Thursday, Fabrizio noticed that he felt guilty. That is why he wrote an open letter to Pommeline on Instagram, to which she later responded.

"I am so sorry, so very sincere. My mistakes are not right to talk, I know that. But what a throat in my throat when I saw that last campfire again. How happy we were, what a moment. I will carry these memories and cherish them. I didn't deserve you, but it has been proven. "

Pommeline is now happy with a new man, but because she and Fabrizio have a tattoo shop together, they still work together. That will change, because soon their roads will definitely separate, but now she too can look back with nostalgia.

"It is forgiven you. Forgetting is difficult, but I will carry you forever in my heart! Hope that someday you will regain your happiness and make something beautiful of your life, everything will be fine. Keep believing in yourself, you are a hunk. " It's great that we have now all witnessed that.