"For investigation" falsely and personally inquired personal information Prosecutor at home prosecuted at 20:35 on September 20

A 48-year-old prosecutor of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office is charged at home for crimes such as the creation of false official documents for misrepresenting personal information such as the address of the person whom the acquaintance lent the money for investigation. At the same time, he was dismissed from discipline on the 20th.

The prosecutor at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor Office, Shuichi Kanno (48), was charged at home.

According to the Tokyo District Prosecutor, in April four years ago, when Mr. Kanno belonged to the Ministry of Transportation, for the purpose of investigating the address of the person whom the acquaintance lent the money, he or she falsely clarified the resident's card or family register. You have been charged with guilty of making false official documents, etc., for illegally referring to the city hall.

Also, in June, I belonged to the criminal department, and over a stock transaction of a company where an acquaintance serves as an outside director, threatened to sign a memorandum by intimidating the representatives of this company as “I will be arrested and put to prison” It is also accused of extortion.

Secretary Kanno was dismissed from disciplinary duties on the 20th, and the Tokyo District Prosecutor paid strict attention to the two bosses at the time.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor has not revealed the circumstances of fraud and the approval or disapproval of the clerk.

“The prosecutor ’s prosecution is extremely regrettable and profoundly apologizes to the public. I want to take the incident seriously and strive to restore trust,” said Tokyo District Prosecutor Takahiro Saito.