Panda's “Yuhama” 3rd Birthday Snow Birthday Cake Wakayama 9/19 12:51

A special birthday cake made of snow was presented to Yui Hin, a female giant panda who became 3 years old at an animal park in Shirahama, Wakayama.

Shirahama's animal park, Adventure World's female giant panda Yuihama, was 18th birthday on the 18th and a celebration event was held on the 19th.

Presents include favorite apples and carrots, and a snow birthday cake decorated with ice shaped like the number "3". Yuihama played happily by touching the ice and snow.

According to the zoo, “Yuhama” has a strong appetite such as eating 20 kilos of bamboo a day, and now it has a weight of 87 kilos and a body length of 150 centimeters.

Osaka A 2-year-old girl from Hirakata City said, “Yuhama was big and cute”.

Also, a 64-year-old woman from Chiba Prefecture said, “I came to see two years ago, but I became very big, and my eyes were crumbling and the behavior was cute. It was.