Monte Carlo was founded in 1866, and its name in Italian means «Monte Carlo», which was named after the name of Prince of Monaco «Charles III». The mountain lies on the edge of the Maritime Alps, where the reclining city lies on the Mediterranean coast, making the whole city a tourist land without a doubt, but it is one of the most expensive tourist places on earth, especially since the cost of real estate and hotels seem high compared to Otherwise. If you decide to visit for tourism, you have to keep your budget open, because you will be confused about controlling expenses in various places, and more than something you might be passionate about buying, while not everyone can afford the place where visitors spend millions in rich and prestigious auctions. The wealthiest people in the world who are based in Monaco, especially Monte Carlo, are based and business because of their beauty, the vitality of life, the secrecy of their banking transactions and the tax exemption that surpasses the European tax system, many of whom obtain the citizenship of the country to enjoy its financial benefits, but in reality They do not live on their land permanently.

How to reach

You can reach Monaco by air through the airport «Nice» French, from where you go to the area waiting for the helicopter to take one of them, but if you are a train enthusiasts you can take the speed train linking Paris and Monte Carlo, and travel between them in six and a half hours . There is a possibility to go to Monte Carlo by taxi or bus from Nice, France at reasonable prices, and these buses stop at most hotels there. All five-star and four-star hotels are valued and treated according to the principles of quality and luxury.


The discovery of the city by sea with a catamaran boat is one of the most beautiful tourist adventures, with the boat, which has two windows that enable people to see underwater, which helps its passengers to discover nature in the worlds of the sea in an unusual way. It is noteworthy that this type of boat is able to carry 120 people on board per trip, and costs one adult approximately 18 euros, while paying for children between three and 18 years eight euros. How lucky a tourist would be if he came down close to Grimaldi Square, where he could sit outdoors, see the yachts sailing from the harbor, as well as see the diverse and unique marine organisms. You can also take the Azur Express, which takes a daily tour of the city's most famous attractions, including the palaces, the old city and the gardens. The eight-euro trip takes about 30 minutes. It is also characterized by its special attention to elegant gardens, which makes visiting the gardens an experience capable of educating the soul and conscience before sight. The Garden Exotic Park, home to the world's largest collection of spinal plants, the Japanese Garden, which offers a peaceful oriental setting in the heart of the West, or the Princess Grace Garden, home to 5,000 rose bushes.

«De Paris Monte Carlo» draws a new tale

Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo seeks to enrich its long history with a new story, stretches from its exceptional location in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, where the areas surrounding the modern features of this region that embraces the hotel at its core, and this radical transformation aims to enhance the feeling of the dream of François Blanc , “To offer an exceptional hotel that exceeds all standards”, and the continuation of the legendary tale to last its chapters throughout the 21st century.

This hotel was built in 1864 on a barren land called Plateau de Spielog, at a time when Monte Carlo was in its infancy, thanks to the great support of Prince Charles III and Société des Bains de Mer et Ducer des Aranges. Or as it is called Societe de Ban de Mer, in Monte Carlo, billionaire Francois Blanc ventured and decided to completely change the shape of this area in a city that was just an area full of olive and lemon trees, hence the legendary story of the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo. Thus, the ambitious billionaire built a Grand Hotel in Paris' Capuchin Square, which hosted kings, princes, rulers, heads of state, ministers and leading players in industry, science and the arts.

Standards and Foundations

The Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo has set the standards and foundations of the resort concept, and over the years this luxury destination has undergone improvements and development on many occasions to meet the requirements of its international customers. The Belle Epoque. Since its renovation to build an extraordinary history, its record has been adorned with countless influential figures, artists and celebrities around the world, from Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales who later became King of Britain Edward VII; writer Alexander Douma; musician Jack Offenbach; and Winston Churchill; To the cast of the James Bond film Golden Eye when he stayed at the hotel during filming, as well as a wide spectrum of artists, theater and screen stars such as Sarah Bernard, Charlie Chaplin, Maria Callas and Salvador Dali. Errol Flynn also celebrated his wedding at the hotel's Salomber restaurant.

During the 1950s, a large number of crowds from all over the world came to visit the Emiri husband René III and his wife Grace Kelly. The Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo soon became the favorite destination of the Princess of Monaco.


The Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo is now an ideal retreat for guests to relax in a garden in the heart of the city, with more contemporary touches and green spaces, including gardens and shaded corners. The new lobby, due to be unveiled in December 2018, will have direct access to the open-air indoor patio called Le Paseo. The huge central rose bouquet continues to delight customers and visitors from all over the world, as well as the 14th statue of Louis as he rides his horse, where guests can notice his shiny knee due to the tradition of touching the horseshoe, which is said to bring good luck.

The new rooftop health center is scheduled to open for guests in the spring of 2019. It is a magnificent center with an indoor area of ​​370 square meters and an outdoor area of ​​490 square meters.It includes a terrace, a sunbathing pool and a steam room. In addition to a sauna, fitness room and relaxation area.