Unknown had insulted the Green politician Renate Künast on Facebook, among other things, as "piece of shit" and "mental patients". Also far more drastic insults were under the comments. Künast had taken legal action against it. Now the district court Berlin decided that the insults were not punishable. Künast wants to appeal. Numerous users of ZEIT ONLINE discussed the verdict - we have selected five votes.

Insult is a much too weak word

"I think the verdict is simply a scandal, and I hope it gets dumped pretty quickly and, moreover, the judging judges are given a glimpse of nothing, nothing at all, which would be reasonable to a reasonably healthy, civilized common sense, It justifies these insults - by the way, in my opinion, a much too weak word, that is verbal violence - is obviously an incredibly ignorant, misogynist self-image, which is primarily about intimidating and mentally hurting a hated political opponent. " User Jedermanno

Two kinds of law

"From the verdict: '... the board is, however, of the opinion that the applicant as a politician must also be very far-flung criticism.' This means: for every normal citizen the names would have been punishable offenses, a politician has to accept that, two kinds of right: whoever earns himself for the general public and is politically committed, gets insults for free and as a female politician the whole package Sexism about it. " User No Einstein

That can not be

BUT: Nevertheless, the judgment of the court alienates me, I find such terms quite an insult, and if a court passes that, it eventually becomes even socially acceptable And that CAN NOT be. " User Imgy

A courageous judgment

"Since a court has pronounced a very courageous verdict, even if it wounds me a little, everything can fall under freedom of expression, it is nevertheless a victory for the free speech and against censorship or language prohibitions." Mrs. Künast is a political professional, she knows how to be a media and politician, and she is very practiced in dealing with people, she is a lawyer, why does she allow herself to be tried in a court of law? . " User KaRamamba

Insults are probably a good thing today

"I guess if you were going to judge the court and its verdict with these words now, it would be over quickly with the freedom of expression, trying for years to explain to the rightwing trolls the distinction between insulting and expressing their opinions Insults are probably a good thing today, but how disgusting has our society changed. " User Bobby Tables