Comedian Frédéric Bouraly was the unexpected guest of Matthew Belliard Thursday. He plays José in "Scènes de ménage", who is also mayor in the program. The actor spoke of the difficulties faced by the rural mayors and showed their support.


Unexpected guest of Matthew Belliard in the morning, Frederic Bouraly, who plays the role of Jose in the series " Scenes of household ", has been listening to rural mayors ... And he knows what he is talking about, his character in is one in the series.

"It speaks to me when I see mayors of villages, small villages, who are not helped and who want to give up their next mandate ... The guys when they do their job well, we find it normal, but as soon as they make a mistake, everyone falls on the mouth ... ", says Frederic Bouraly, well aware of the tasks facing rural mayors.

And Valerie Kersanty's comrade on television goes further about her respect for politicians and their functions: "I have a lot of esteem for people who play politics in general. I hate it, it's not true, I have a lot of respect for people who get up early in the morning, who move to help others, who do things, it's so difficult. "

Frédéric Bouraly: "Mayors take pictures with me"

The rural mayors, the real ones, do it well: "As the mayors in question know the series, by derision they take me pictures with them in the office of their town hall, it happened very often and it's very funny And to my surprise, there is sometimes my photo on the desk of some mayors, but not officially, it's really derision, it's funny ... "

Frédéric Bouraly has not yet revealed the decision taken by his character for the next election of 2020 ...