Female body arrested college student statement "Interaction on Twitter" September 19 17:25

In an incident in which a woman's body wrapped in bags and sheets was found at a hotel in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, an investigator said that a college student who was arrested stated that `` I started interacting with women on Twitter around last month '' I understood from the interview. Since then, all interactions with women have been deleted, and the Metropolitan Police Department is examining the details.

On the night of the 12th of this month, in a hotel room in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Komi-ku unemployed, Hiromi Araki (36) was squeezed and killed. Was arrested on suspicion of murder and sent to the prosecutor's office on the 19th.

The woman is dying in a state where her limbs are tied and wrapped in a compression bag or a sheet, and she is stating that she squeezed and killed the investigation.

In a later investigation, Kitajima suspected that he interviewed the investigators that he had stated that `` I started interacting with women on Twitter around last month. .

On the other hand, when analyzing the mobile phone of Suspect Kitajima, it was found that all Twitter messages exchanged with women were deleted.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that Suspect Kitajima met with the woman on Twitter for about a month and then tried to make contact with the woman.

Kitajima, who belongs to the theater club at university

Mizuki Kitajima (22), who was arrested on suspicion of murder, went to Daito Bunka University after graduating from Prefectural High School in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture.

According to the university, for about one year until March, I belonged to the university drama club and was in charge of production and screenwriting, as well as participating in the stage of another theater company.

A man who had exchanges through theatrical activities responded to the interview while showing Twitter, which appears to be suspected by Kitajima.

According to that, on the 27th of last month, I wanted to be on the stage, and I wanted to live in the theater.

Also, on the 10th of this month, two days before the incident, I wrote, “I forgot, but I was a college student.

A man who had exchanges through theatrical activities said, “I didn't think that Twitter exchanges were very enthusiastic about theater and involved in the incident.”

According to the university, the latter class of the university started on the 13th the day after the incident, and Kitajima attended the class held on the 16th as usual.