"Act of War". The word was issued by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, September 18, when he went in emergency. He described the attack on the oil infrastructure of the kingdom as "an act of war", attributing it back to Iran.

His statement comes shortly after a Saudi inquiry that Tehran "unquestionably sponsored" the attack.

Sent to Saudi Arabia to "coordinate efforts to counter Iran's aggression in the region," Pompeo said Tehran was responsible for Saturday's devastating strikes, claimed by Yemeni Houthi rebels. For his part, US President Donald Trump said from Los Angeles have "many options" to respond to Iran.

New threats from the Houthis

In Jeddah (west), the head of the American diplomacy met the strongman of the country, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

"It was an Iranian attack, it did not come from the Houthis," insisted Mike Pompeo on his arrival, evoking an "act of war" and assuring that "the equipment used is not known as part of the Houthis arsenal ".

But the rebels, backed politically by Tehran, have again claimed the attacks and even threatened to hit "dozens of targets" in the United Arab Emirates, Riyad's allies in the coalition that has been working since 2015 in Yemen to support the government against the rebellion.

Riyadh, for its part, accused Iran of "unquestionably sponsoring" the attacks.

Cruise missiles fired from the North

At the presentation of an official inquiry, the spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Defense, Turki al-Maliki, unveiled debris of "drones" and "cruise missiles".

According to him, 18 drones and seven cruise missiles struck Saturday two sites of the world's largest oil exporter after being pulled from the "North", but Yemen is located in the south of the kingdom.

The Saudi leader did not, however, directly accuse Iran of launching attacks from its territory. An investigation must determine the exact origin of the shots, he said.

Hesameddin Ashena, an adviser to the Iranian president, described Twitter as a "media disaster" for Saudi Arabia, as the site of missile manufacture and launch was clearly not established.

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