André Hazes has finished the rumors about his alleged cheating. "I never cheated on Monique," writes the singer on Instagram.

In the personal message he points his arrows at gossip magazines who have written extensively about the suspected cheating in the past period. "I am an amical guy, I quickly put an arm around you, I can take a hand, I can be close with someone. But I know my limits and Monique has never betrayed that confidence."

The singer continues: "I have never been kissing with Nikkie Plessen in a Palladium. I have never had a date with Imanuelle (Grives, ed.), I have never met Jamie Been in my life and I am curious about what is now again stands over me and one Romy. "

Hazes says it is regrettable that his son will later read things in the magazines "that are not even close to the truth."

Recently the singer announced that he is no longer living together with girlfriend Monique Westenberg, but that there is no question of an official breakup. The 25-year-old Hazes has had a relationship since 2014 with the 41-year-old Westenberg. In 2016 they had son Dré.

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