Over 6400 people have responded to the survey conducted by the TV-tablose site tv.nu. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed say that at some time of the month, or more often, they go to bed later than expected to continue watching a television series. One third postpones sleep at least once a week or more often in favor of TV series watching.

- Streaming and play services give us significantly more freedom than before. We can see that the love for Sweden's biggest hobby, television viewing, is greater than ever, says Helena Folcker, CEO of tv.nu in a press release.

According to tv.nu, the influence of sleep habits also depends on how the TV series are released. It becomes harder to tear yourself away from the series when you know that the next episode is already out. The survey shows that a majority prefers to have the whole season at once rather than waiting for a new episode each week.

In the first edition of the survey the Swedish TV panel also revealed that it takes a lot of time for the Swedes to choose which TV series to watch. Almost every other Swedish spends 16-30 minutes choosing content on streaming services. The one-year impact corresponds to roughly a full day.