Like the United States, Saudi Arabia is blaming Iran after attacks on two of its oil facilities on Sept. 14. Riyad said Wednesday (September 18th) that the attacks came from the "North" and were sponsored by Tehran, saying the kingdom was still investigating the "exact" location of their launch.

"The attack was launched from the north and was unquestionably sponsored by Iran," Defense Ministry spokesman Turki al-Maliki told reporters during a presentation. "drones" and "cruise missiles".

These debris would have been used during the attack on his oil installations, and would prove "undeniable" that it is an Iranian aggression.

Iran denies any involvement

Twenty-five missiles and drones were launched towards the two targeted sites Saturday, said Colonel al-Malki. Some of the drones were Iranian Delta Wing and among the missiles were Ya Ali, who are employed by Revolutionary Guards, an elite corps of the Iranian army, he said at the conference. Press.

Iran denies any involvement in the attack, which halved Saudi oil production. It has been claimed by Yemeni rebels Houthis, a pro-Iranian Shiite movement, that a coalition under Saudi command has been fighting since 2015.

In the process, the UN has announced the dispatch of experts to Saudi Arabia to investigate the attacks.

With AFP and Reuters