The number of right-wing suspected cases in the Bundeswehr has risen again according to a report. The Military Shielding Service (MAD) now leads 478 "suspected case operations in the phenomenon of right-wing extremism", as emerges from a response of the Ministry of Defense to the Green Party politician Konstantin von Notz, reported the mirror . As late as April, the MAD had detected in 431 cases.

The MAD refers to soldiers as a suspected case, if there are indications that they have a right-wing and anti-constitutional world view. The Ministry of Defense had already announced that the MAD would strengthen its action against potential extremists and also reformed.

According to the report, the Green Party politician from Notz also asked the Ministry of Defense how many members of the elite unit Special Forces Command (KSK) were being monitored for possible right-wing tendencies. However, the ministry said that the MAD did not cover suspected cases by unit or branch of force.

One year ago, allegations against the German army soldier Franco A. triggered a public discussion about right-wing extremist groups in the Bundeswehr. A. had been arrested on suspicion of terrorism. The Federal Prosecutor's Office had accused him of having planned "out of a nationalistic-nationalist outlook" an attack on people who showed in his view, a refugee-friendly commitment.