The two elected representatives propose redeploying staff from this sector to the city in order to avoid delays in diagnosis and the increasing resort to hospitalization without consent.

Faced with the "catastrophic care" of patients in mental health, two MPs call for "finally out of hospital psychiatry" by "redeploying 80%" of the staff of this sector "on the brink of implosion" to the city ​​"by 2030", in a report unveiled Wednesday.

A "catastrophic" report

"Delay in diagnosis far too important", "over-occupancy of beds" of psychiatry representing a "plague for patients as for caregivers", increasing recourse "to hospitalization without consent" ... The territorial organization of the psychiatry is "both inefficient and ineffective", say Martine Wonner (LREM) and Caroline Fiat (LFI), rapporteurs of an information mission on the subject. "The finding is perhaps even more catastrophic than we had imagined," lamented the first, psychiatrist training, before the press.

"It's even more damning than in the Ehpad (nursing homes)", abounded Caroline Fiat, former caregiver. "The number of hospitalization beds in psychiatry per capita has halved since the 1990s," says their report. But the structures that have developed parallel in the city "do not meet the growing demand" of care, the medical-psychological centers (CMP) being "everywhere saturated", while the wait for "the first appointment with a psychiatrist can reach three months, and sometimes even more. "

Redeploy the means to the city

As a result, "the patients have no other solution than the emergencies, then to be hospitalized, whereas the crisis could have been avoided". "If the demands of the hospital staff" illustrated by several strikes since last year (Amiens, Rouen, Le Havre, etc.) "in favor of more beds are perfectly understandable, (...) the answer is not found in the hospital but outside, "they judge. "It is urgent to deploy significant resources on extra-hospital structures, be they health, social or medico-social," they argue, advocating for "the massive development of mobile teams" and "structures d 'upstream and downstream'.

"After ten years (...) 80% of the resources of the psychiatric hospital" should be deployed "on the outpatient", say the MPs. However, they disagree on one point: Caroline Fiat wants an increase in the number of beds and short-term care in the hospital, "an absolute necessity" according to her, when Martine Wonner claims "a moratorium on the opening of beds "not to" still lose 30 years "funding" walls "rather than" care ".

The deputies also propose the creation of a "national agency in charge of mental health policies" similar to the National Cancer Institute. In response to the crisis in the sector, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn in April appointed Professor Frank Bellivier Ministerial Delegate for Mental Health and Psychiatry, and promised a "redesign" of funding for psychiatry from Social Security 2020 budget.