An Australian adventurer said today that he had to crawl for two days through an area covered by shrubs with a broken leg and wrist, because he fell from the top of a waterfall, until he was rescued.
Neil Parker, 54, said he was walking alone on Mount Nebo, 32 kilometers west of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, when he fell.

"It came to my mind immediately: I am in big trouble now because no one knows where I am," he told reporters from his hospital bed. He said he tried to use his mobile phone to ask for help but the phone was damaged by the fall.

He said he decided to crawl about three kilometers to the area where he thought it would be easier to find him.

He stated that the painkillers he carried with him for his journey helped him to overcome the painful and arduous journey. He continued: «The distance, which took 40 minutes to take me almost two days to crawl down.» Parker's rescue helicopter was spotted and eventually relocated from the scene yesterday afternoon.