Finished the "start-up", place to "scale-up". Emmanuel Macron will make announcements Tuesday night at the Elysee, on the eve of France Digital Day. The goal is to prevent all our start-ups from being bought by American giants.

How to keep our most beautiful start-up internet in France?
Emmanuel Macron will make announcements at the Élysée on Tuesday evening, on the eve of the "France Digital Day" which brings together investors and entrepreneurs of the web in Paris.

The problem in France is that we have many start-ups but are bought by foreign groups when they grow up.
Some examples: Meetic, the dating site, was bought the American Drivy, the car-sharing site, was bought last spring by the American Getaround. PrinceMinister was bought by the Japanese Rakuten. The Fork was bought by Trip Advisor.
All our nuggets go away and France has no giant sector. It must change and our start-ups become Scale-up.
What is scale-up? They are start-ups who grew up, who climbed the ladder. "Scale" means "ladder" in English.

How to have scale-up? Do we know what Emmanuel Macron will announce this Tuesday night?

We need banks (or finance) to support our start-ups more with, ultimately, a listing on the Paris Stock Exchange. That's what sins. Today, if you look at our CAC 40, there is no Gafa (Google, Amazon, or Facebook). There are only "old-fashioned" companies like Saint Gobain, Total or LVMH.
The average age of "CAC 40" companies is 105 years, more than a century.
So, place to young people. Next to the CAC 40, we will create the Next40. "Next" is "the sequel". This is an index that will gather all our best start-ups on the web that have not yet been bought as Doctoblib, BlablaCar or Deezer. Companies that will be particularly pampered by the administration, politics or finance to grow in France and become the future giants of the twenty-first century, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange next to Danone or Saint Gobain.
The stakes are not insignificant because these companies are the breeding ground of the economy and the trades of tomorrow.