Rod Stewart is in remission after being treated for three years for prostate cancer. The singer revealed his illness and current condition Saturday in Surrey, England, during a speech at a benefit evening where money was raised for prostate cancer treatment, Sky News reports.

74-year-old Stewart says that she has been in remission since July, after prostate cancer was diagnosed in February 2016 during a routine examination.

"Nobody knew this, but I think it's time to tell everyone," said the father of eight children to those present. "I'm out of danger because I was there early. Men, you really have to go to the doctor."

Stewart has sold more than one hundred million records. The singer had a worldwide number one hit in 1978 with Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? He had donated all rights to that number to the children's fund of Unicef.

In 2016, Stewart was knighted by Sir Prince British to become Sir Rod for his contribution to British pop music.