Taiwan presidential election Hong Hai founding Mr. Guo Taimei September 17 5:59

Mr. Guo Tai Mei, the founder of Hong Hai Precision Industry in Taiwan, who acquired Sharp, was expected to become one of the leading candidates in the presidential election in January next year.

The presidential election in Taiwan next January will be run by the current president of the ruling party and the Democratic Party, and the mayor of Korea ’s Kaohsiung mayor from the largest opposition and national parties. Must be delivered to.

Regarding this, Mr. Guo Tai Mei, the founder of Hong Hai Precision Industry, who owns Sharp, has shown a strong willingness to stand for no affiliation, and has already reported that he has left the Nationalist Party to which he belongs and is running as a candidate. It was.

About this, Mr. Guo released a statement late at night on the 16th of the local time, making a clear idea that he would not stand as a affiliation.

Mr. Guo in a statement about the reason, “The original aspiration was to work hard for Taiwan's economy, but envy and confrontation were raised,” and gathered as support for himself It suggests that there was not.

Mr. Guo has been criticized by officials and supporters of the National Party, such as `` Candidates can only divide the party and allow Mr. Zhao to lead the Democratic Party, '' and some Taiwanese media are vice presidential candidates. It was reported that the fact that was not found was also behind this decision.

Mr. Guo stated in his statement that he did not give up until joining politics, and expressed his thoughts on politics in some form, and the future trend is drawing attention only to those who are well known as charismatic managers.