It was last week that the city council in Sölvesborg pushed through an action program with radical changes in the cultural field. Among other things, the well-known decision to prioritize "classic and timeless" public art in the future - and therefore completely stops the purchase of so-called "challenging contemporary art".

- We will buy art that appeals to the vast majority of citizens, explained Rolf Hans Berg (SD), chairman of the Recreation and Culture Committee, in an interview with the Culture News shortly before the decision was made:

"Obviously, if you want" human art "at home at the dining room table, you should buy it, but I don't think citizens appreciate such art in the municipality's possession," he said further.

Minister of Culture: Art must be free

In a post on Instagram, Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind (MP) now strongly criticizes the decision, and the municipality's governing parties who have driven the proposal: the Sweden Democrats, the Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the local Sölvesborg and Lister Party (SoL).

“The decision is problematic in several ways. In totalitarian societies, free art is one of the first to be restricted. Art must be free. To be able to develop independently - regardless of the artistic intention behind it. To be able to criticize and upset - no matter who is in power, ”she writes.

Criticizes the view of art

Furthermore, Amanda Lind emphasizes the function of art as "much more than decoration":

"Today's" challenging contemporary art "may be tomorrow's" timeless and classic art ". Another reason why politics should keep their hands far from the jam jar and allow the art to develop freely ”, writes Amanda Lind (MP).