Philippe Vandel's guests on Monday, Allain Bougrain-Dubourg and Eloise Maillot discuss the "green wave" that has been swamping the media in recent days and trying to find out if this translates into a lasting will.

"The show for the land" on France 2, Fanny Agostini live from his farm every morning on Europe 1, "Legacy" on M6, "La Terre au carré" on France Inter, or Le Parisien who made a special issue environment ... Ecology is everywhere in the media at the beginning of the season. Media Culture guests Monday, Allain Bougrain-Dubourg and Eloise Maillot discuss Philippe Vandel about this "green wave" and try to find out if this reflects a fashion effect to boost audiences, or a real awareness.

"For a long time there was a lid on the pot of animal suffering"

"I hope it's a lasting fashion effect," says Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, president of the League for the Protection of Birds. "There is a proven awareness in civil society, neither lobbies nor elected officials can be exempted from this look that should be focused on the changing society," says the journalist. "There was a lid on the pot of animal suffering for a very long time, I did a lot of reporting during my career, and it was easier for me to shoot in a nuclear power plant than a slaughterhouse!" Associations such as L214 have lifted the veil and I remember we were told it was not representative, but the next month there was another video. "

"Now, we must see if this wave green media will have an impact on our behavior," wonders Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. A change that the president of the LPO hopes, just as he hopes that "'New Veg' part of the commitment that should be today. A goal that Eloise Maillot, founder and editor-in-chief of this new online media that wants to be accessible to the general public, intends to fulfill well, while proposing "a different mode of consumption, without animal matter".

"I want to go for readers who are not necessarily aware of the environment, and give them alternatives," she says. "You can not be vegan, not be absolutely obsessed with the idea of ​​the environment, but want to buy a synthetic fur to prevent an animal from suffering."