“Realization of Abduction Victims Returning to Japan” at the large-scale meeting with family at 16:17 on September 16

42 years have passed since the kidnapping by North Korea, and as the victim's family is aging, a large gathering was held in Tokyo, and the families said, “I want all victims to return home as soon as possible. "And asked for government efforts.

The meeting was held in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, and the families and supporters of the abductees participated.

First of all, Mr. Shigeo Iizuka (81), Yaeko Taguchi, the representative of the family association, said, “The abductees are losing their physical strength and are waiting for someday to return home. Our wish is to recapture the victims. , By letting everyone go home, I want the government to act while always thinking about what to do to steadily link the victim's return to their country. "

Ms. Yokota ’s mother, Sakie, said (83) “I haven't been able to see you for such a long time, but I just want to hug Megumi by saying“ I ’ve been doing my best ”because I met at a glance. I think I should do my best until then. " Megumi's younger brother, Takuya (51), said, “The abduction issue was raised at the US-North Korea summit, and it was not clear that President Kim was not aware of this issue. I have to make a courageous decision to draw, ”he asked Kim to decide to bring the victim home.

The abduction issue continues to be stuck, and as the aging of the family becomes more serious, there is an increasing demand for victims to return as soon as possible. At the end of the rally, North Korea made a decision to return the victim as soon as possible, and adopted a convention resolution requiring the government to return all victims early.

Keiko Arimoto's parents "Recover the daughter anyway"

Before the meeting, the parents of Kobe City's abductee, Keiko Arimoto, appealed to NHK's interview for the return of their daughter as soon as possible.

On this month, Keiko Arimoto's parents, Akihiro (91) and Kayoko (93), interviewed at his home in Nagata-ku, Kobe.

His mother, Kayoko, fell injured, had a chronic illness, and was hospitalized for treatment, but her physical condition was stable and she just returned home to start rehabilitation.

The father, Akihiro-san, recently said that Kayoko-san, in a photo of her twenties, repaired the torn, broken, and painful parts of her photo and put it in her forehead.

Akihiro said, “I was able to see the face of my wife I had never seen before. It's a political job to bring the country and the country together in peace.”

In addition, his mother Kayoko said, “I want you to get rid of this problem in the present era. Anyway, I want you to get Keiko back,” and expressed her strong desire to reunite with her daughter.