On Sunday activists of the alliance sand in the gear in Frankfurt / Main blocked the western entrance of the IAA. Here they face the police near the fair.
"FCK SUV": A masked demonstrator on the blockade
"Driving today - dying tomorrow": scene of the blockade before the fair
In the background, police forces observe the action.
Future vision: Green eats highway, not vice versa - at least on this protest board, which was taken on Sunday during the blockade in front of the entrance of the IAA.
Some also paint the demand for more green in the face.
"Too bad you drive SUVs": stickers on a window in front of the main entrance of the IAA
Already on Saturday, thousands took to the streets against the car industry and for a climate-friendly transport policy, as here near the Hauptwache in downtown Frankfurt.
Greenpeace activists protested in obscure letters against thick cars.
Out of the Autostadt, in the direction of traffic change: The protesters want to take cities, where more space for bicycles and pedestrians remains, and cars less space.
"Car companies disempowered", very vividly staged: A member of the anti-globalization organization attac saws the figure of a car manager symbolically from the exhaust.
For the bike demo highway sections were blocked on Saturday.

Already on Saturday, thousands took to the streets in Frankfurt: against the car industry and for a new, climate-friendly transport policy. On Sunday, the protests continued as activists blocked entrances to the fair. We show photos.