The highest number of renewals in 35.88 million elderly people 28.4% is the highest in the world on September 16 at 4:35

The 16th is “Respect for the Aged Day”. According to estimates by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of elderly people over the age of 65 in Japan reached a record high of 35.88 million, and the ratio to the total population is the highest in the world at 28.4%.

According to the population estimate announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the 15th, there were 35.88 million elderly people in Japan over 65 years old, an increase of 320,000 compared to last year, and a new record high.

In addition, the ratio of elderly people to the total population increased by 0.3 points from last year, reaching a record high of 28.4%. This is the highest in the world in terms of data from the United Nations, surpassing 23.0% in Italy, which is the second highest after Japan, and 22.4% in Portugal, more than 5 points.

According to estimates from the National Institute of Population and Social Security, this percentage will continue to rise, reaching 30% in 2025 and 35.3% in 2040.

On the other hand, the number of senior citizens who worked was 8.62 million last year, accounting for 12.9% of the total number of working people, both of which set new records.

The employment rate for the elderly is 24.3%, an increase of nearly 5 points compared to 10 years ago, which is a high level among the major countries.