In Chiba Prefecture, falling from the roof one after another, "Seat tension is for specialists" September 15 18:30

In Chiba Prefecture, where houses were damaged in a wide area by Typhoon No. 15, we found that there were at least 26 accidents that fall suddenly during work such as covering the roof with a sheet. Experts have called for "Please do not put your own seats and wait for a specialist to come".

In Chiba Prefecture, the work of covering the roof with a sheet and repairing the tiles is proceeding at a rapid pace in response to the rain forecast, but there are many areas that wait several months even if you ask the construction company, unavoidably There are cases where only residents and volunteers go there.

When NHK interviewed a fire department in an area where the damage to the house was large, the case where an emergency transport was carried out by falling on the roof for such work was carried out on the night of 8th of this month when the typhoon approached, at 4pm on the 15th. By half, we found that there were 26 cases in at least 10 cities and towns.

By municipality, there were 7 cases in Ichihara City, 5 cases in Sodegaura City and Minamiboso City, and 2 cases each in Kisarazu City and Tominami Town.

Of these, in Sodegaura City, one person hits his head and has become an unconscious body. Also, in Chiba City, the number of emergency transports was not known.

In the fall accident that occurred in Kamo, Minamiboso, Chiba, on the 15th, a 67-year-old man was climbing the roof alone trying to repair his roof. It means that

A 79-year-old man living in the neighborhood said, “I don't know what to do for a household that lacks carpenters and is only elderly.”

Takeshi Nakajima, a specialist in disaster area support and representative director of NPO corporation, says, “Even professionals can fall and die, and it is dangerous to work on the roof. I would like you to wait for a specialist to come in. Until then, I would like you to respond by laying sheets in the room. "