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HM the Queen turns 47 today and we will see countless articles in the national press and some in the international celebrating it. The majority will be hagiographic, of those that Jaime Peñafiel calls "courtiers and slugs", others, in minority, more critics. Unfortunately, negative comments will appear on the networks and nothing flattering on the part of their "haters", but these are usually products of envy and should not be taken into account since the professional "hater" usually hates every living bug .

The reality is that Doña Letizia is more beautiful and younger every day although there are no more traces of the original that fell in love with the Prince of Asturias. Only three years after the fifties exemplifies that " fifty is the new thirty ". In addition, it seems that he has finally assumed that she is the queen consort of Spain, something that has been appreciated in the last public events in national territory that she has attended with a ease and an aplomb that she did not have before.

I emphasize the national territory, since some corsetation and discomfort is noticed when you must alternate abroad with the royal cousins ​​of Europe, as it happened not long ago in Windsor when it seemed frankly in 'offside'. Perhaps that is why I avoid these meetings as little as possible and do not travel abroad with the Head of State when I should possibly do so.

However, fashion remains its Achilles heel as we have seen in this last year. At first glance it seems that he is not interested, judging by some somewhat tired repetitions of several of the most forgettable pieces of his enormous closet bottom, sometimes in a very short period of time. Not only of clothes, but of their accessories such as earrings and clutch that he repeats again and again. Sometimes it gives the impression that he has put the first thing he has found by hand.

Luckily, the Felipe Varela era so unflattering has given way to the binomial of the Carolina Herrera and Hugo Boss brands, especially the first one, although it is very possible that on October 12 or at the Princess of Asturias Awards we will see something of the missing Madrid designer to follow the tradition.

His followers, the suffered 'Letizia Watchers', applaud when experimenting with a new brand even if it is 'low cost' or 'semi low cost' and foreign, see the models of Maje and Sandro . But they do not approve when he does it with a Spaniard like Cherubina with those two unlucky little models of the Seville brand. Curious note: some who have seen Varela's proposals for next summer believe that there are some "cherubinesca" brushstrokes between them.

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