Panic and anxiety prevailed on social networking sites because of a strange image of a fetus in his mother's belly, which he called "the fetus of the devil."

Parents were surprised to look at their children in the womb of their mother, during an "ultrasound" session to check on his condition.

The image of the "fetus of the devil" in the mother's expression, which was widely spread on social networking sites, caused a sensation around the world, as well as the concerns of his parents.

The teenage mother, Iana Alston, 17, posted the photos of her fetus on her Facebook account. “Most of the children are hiding from the camera.

"It looked normal, but when we knew we were going to have a girl, the device was put on my belly again, she opened her eyes and smiled. I love this very devilish girl."

The teenager said that the doctor who was with her during the ultrasound, told her that her child is normal and in good condition, pointing out that it is not strange that the fetus appears in this way in the pictures.