Hong Kong today is also a large-scale demonstration without permission, or tension is growing September 15, 8:50

In Hong Kong, where protests continue, a rally was held in various places on the 14th, and people who supported the Chinese government and citizens who opposed this were in a fierce situation. Tensions are growing as a large-scale demonstration is expected to be held on the 15th without the permission of the police.

In Hong Kong, citizens continue to protest after announcing the withdrawal of the ordinance revision to allow the suspects to be handed over to mainland China.

On the 14th, a junior high school and high school student gathering was held in a park in the center of Hong Kong, swearing unity by singing a song `` Glory in Hong Kong '' with lyrics of the participants' thoughts about a series of protests It was.

On the other hand, at a gathering of people who support the Chinese government held in a shopping mall on the Kowloon Peninsula, there are also acts where citizens who oppose the Chinese flag and people who oppose it are seen violently, people who are detained by the police It became a situation to come out.

Democrats called for a large demonstration on the 15th, but police authorities did not give permission.

The group has decided to cancel the demonstration, but the SNS has been called to participate even without permission.

In response to such a call, a demonstration march is expected to be conducted without the permission of the police, and tensions are growing as participants may go into extreme action and collide with the police.