Several thousand people demonstrated on the first public day of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt for a traffic turnaround. At the rally in the city center they voiced their call for an immediate report on internal combustion engines. By 2035, road traffic in Germany had to be completely carbon-neutral, the rally said under the slogan "Get Off."

The demonstration began with an action in the city center: A large doll with the logos of automobile companies, from whose pants a phallusartigauspauste protruding, was sawn off by a demonstrator - the saw bore the inscription "Car companies disarm!".

The protest is being sponsored by the Confederation #saw by engaging ADFC, FED, Campact, German Environmental Aid, Greenpeace, Nature Friends Germany and VCD. They accuse the auto industry of not pushing the transition to emission-free electromobility with determination and, among other things, continuing to rely on particularly climate-damaging city SUVs. They demand priority for cycling and foot traffic as well as bus and train.

"Time for swanky gas-guzzlers is over"

At the gates of the fairgrounds, the organizers reported in the afternoon that 25,000 people, most of whom were cycling veterans. For a bicycle star trip with 13 routes and far more than 500 kilometers, two sections of the motorway had been temporarily closed. The police spoke of 15,000 participants.

The demonstrators demanded an immediate end to internal combustion engines, a departure from large off-road vehicles, the switch to small frugal electric cars, and the conversion of the car-friendly to the bicycle and pedestrian-friendly city.

"The time for swanky gas guzzlers and ever larger SUVs is over," the organizers demanded. "Today tens of thousands of people have recaptured the city on foot and on bicycles from the auto industry." The federal government must now "deliver" and set the framework for a turn "away from the auto-fixated transport policy and towards climate-friendly, clean and liveable cities".

The actions should continue on Sunday. Under the motto "Sand in Gear", a blockade of the fair is planned. For more quality of life in the cities, the car must be pushed back, demanded the alliance #aussteigen.

The International Motor Show (IAA) opened its doors to the public on Saturday. Already on Thursday there had been protests on the sidelines of the traditional tour of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) at the IAA. On Friday, participants of the climate protection movement Fridays for Future in Frankfurt had protested against the IAA.