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Pivot and abstention party


Polls outside the election period are irrelevant. They are usually wrong or lie on request. In this autumn of dead leaves at the feet of politicians, the block on the left

Polls outside the election period are irrelevant. They are usually wrong or lie on request. In this autumn of dead leaves at the feet of politicians, the block of the left continues to beat that of the rights, according to the flight of the birds that leave. But nobody knows who the wise Spanish people blame for the continuous blockade. Everything seems to indicate that, although it is clear who the obstructionist is, people will believe what they are interested in believing.

"Without us, he will never be president." Despite the gypsy curse of Pablo Iglesias , it is very possible that Pedro Sánchez is president at Christmas with 10 or 15 seats more than he has now and that the hesitation and zarabanda will be repeated, unless Citizens turn off what was burning . The Government will be left-wing or center-left, or whatever they want to call it, and whoever presides over it will almost certainly be Luther disguised as an apostle Paul, as it is said in "eighteen Brumaire" about Napoleon's hand stroke, the little one who, after an era "of passions without truth and truth without passions, history without events, comes an evolution whose only impulse is the calendar."

People may forget who stopped the time. Some will remember that it was the pivot, near the hoop, who hid the ball. As a basketball player, Pedro Sánchez not only fights against the opposing team, but against his own teammates; He learned to hit with the right and with the left, not to take a ball for lost, and to grow in adversity. He has rightly believed that each election will increase its majority until it overwhelms. THE PSOE can grow and still need partners that do not want or do not want to reach the absolute majority. Citizens decreases, PP rises slowly, We can decrease, Vox falls. Most voters have not changed acronyms. And what do the abstention party polls say? Some place it at 34%, almost 6 points above the previous ones and nobody knows how people will react after the spawning to which politicians have subjected them. More than two million citizens would not go to vote, although that apathy would not mean the backward movement of the left. It will also lower participation because no one believes that the wolf is coming. Polls say that a quarter of Abascal voters will return home for Christmas. But the effect of apathy would be divided into three and the PSOE would get the center support that the rights have given to the pivot.

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