In "L'Equipée sauvage", the singer returns to his title "The songs of Voulzy and Souchon", published in his last album.


In his new album Obispo , published in October 2018, Pascal Obispo evokes several artists. Sometimes gone, like Amy Winehouse, but as alive as Laurent Voulzy and Alain Souchon. The singer indeed makes them a true declaration of love in the title The songs of Voulzy and Souchon . In L'Equipée sauvage on Europe 1, he goes back on this step.

"Write to someone who is there and tell him you love him!"

"The letter to the living is always more interesting," says Pascal Obispo. Indeed, the artist has little taste for post-mortem tributes, as he explains himself at the microphone of Matthew Christmas. "On social networks, it's always embarrassing to see someone thanking a dead person for what he did, write to someone who is there and tell him you love him!" Lucie's interpreter.

That's why he wanted to declare his love to two artists still alive. An idea that came to him a particular day. "When we buried Johnny Hallyday and when I came out of the church, that's where I got the idea for the song," he explains, "I saw all these messages for him and me I said to myself, it's to Souchon and Voulzy that I want to write. "