Martien Meiland is a bad boy , André Hazes confirms that it is wrong and Frits Wester causes RTL all kinds of problems. An overview of the entertainment world of last week.

This week Martien Meiland taught us that a glass of wine does not solve all your problems. It is wonderful that 'wines, wines, wines', but if we have to believe addiction experts, the way it is done at Chateau Meiland is very bad.

A few months ago, RTL Boulevard was still having a good time, but now that the family did not want to comment on the program a few times, the tide has turned and an item has been made about the dangers of so many glasses of alcohol in the evening programming.

Every week, nearly a million people watch Martien, Erica, Maxime and now Caroline open a bottle of wine and clock in in no time . Most people find the slogan 'wines, wines, wines' a hilarious way to open the weekend, but spokespersons for Jellinek and STAP think it is dangerous.

"It is potentially addictive, it is carcinogenic, so you have to deal with it wisely. As it happens in this series, it is completely unwise and risky," said a STAP spokesperson. Jellinek also warns that a glass of wine at 11:30 am is not a good idea and encourages a boycott of the stuff.

"I think you can still make Chateau Meiland very well without constantly talking about wine," the Jellinek lady added.

Not to be afraid: a Talpa spokesperson has already indicated that Martien and associates can simply continue to have a nice wine. "In our opinion, this all falls under the category of responsible consumption and has nothing to do with excessive alcohol consumption or incitement to do so."


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And how next?

For weeks we have read rumors about André Hazes and his Monique. It was over, they were getting engaged, André had another and then they were all on vacation again. It kept on guessing what happened, because apart from some vague messages on social media, neither of them said anything about the status of their relationship.

After stories in the gossip magazines about affairs with Nikkie Plessen and the daughter of Mario Been, in the program of Beau van Erven Dorens André decided to respond to all stories.

"I prefer not to talk about it, because it is something between us, and we do not owe anyone an answer. We love each other very much, perhaps too much, which sometimes makes us tired of each other," said the 25-year-old. singer.

André and Monique no longer live together, because the singer says he is "not the easiest" and sometimes it is better to live separately. "Then it is better to live apart for a while. I am also home now."

André said nothing about the many rumors about possible relationships with other women in the broadcast, Monique has been silent on social media for a few weeks now and so a lot of questions remain. André and Monique keep good contact in any case and the relationship is not officially over yet, or it will work out is a second.

Too tired / too drunk

Not only did Martien Meiland get into trouble this week due to his preference for alcoholic refreshments, Frits Wester was also the talk of the day. There was extensive discussion on Twitter about the performance of the political reporter in the Sunday evening broadcast. The reason? It seemed as if Frits had a glass too much.

Frits quickly made it clear that this was absolutely not the case: he should have recorded the broadcast on little sleep and after a chaotic day, so it did not go the way we are used to. However, AD knew for sure: Frits is struggling with an alcohol problem and will not admit it.

For years, sources at RTL would have been watching anxiously as Frits tapped one glass after the other, and in the broadcasts it was already noted earlier that the political reporter did not seem to get out of his words quite well.

The deputy editor-in-chief of the news platform did not help the matter further by telling the newspaper that he was concerned about Frits. "Because this wasn't good. And not last time either. I want to know what's going on."

In the meantime, Frits has not been on television for a while, because he is taking a break. Whether and when he will return, however, is not clear.