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The solitaire game


The PP ruled with an absolute majority, the PSOE prepared primaries and Pedro Sánchez, promoted by Pepiño Blanco from opposition councilor to a chicken coop, looked inside

The PP ruled with an absolute majority, the PSOE prepared primaries and Pedro Sánchez, promoted by Pepiño Blanco from opposition councilor to a chicken coop deputy, looked inside and decided that he met the necessary conditions to lead Felipe González's party. A more trained companion than him - now conveniently purged - asked him what made him think that. And Sanchez, at that moment already historic, with his response delivered to posterity the most finished formulation of his political thought: "And why not me?"

What campaign motto for this denatured PSOE, reduced to the will of an adventurer of himself, oblivious to the moral aptitude that makes it possible to distinguish between the decomposition of the nation-state and a sociological experiment of Mercedes Milá. "Wrong Spaniards: why not me". The motto of the second elections, but also that of the third of February. Because Podemos will continue to be essential in November to invest in Sánchez and because it is stupid to believe that Rivera, assumed the cost of his Numantinism, will surrender to the pressures. What Sanchez secretly pursues by forcing repetition: siege whitening and the annulment of the alternative for a decade. Meanwhile Spain will remain paralyzed for another half year at least, destroying employment, digging into the ground of institutional deterioration and mortgaging the future to the fascinating monomania of a single man who failed to share power with socialists, as to learn to share it with humans from another match. His screenwriter thinks he is writing The West Wing , but he is leaving the third season of Mindhunter . Sanchismo is not a matter of political scientists but of forensic psychologists.

"Because I do not". That Iglesias accuses Sánchez of having neither ideology nor word is as far-fetched as waiting for Sergio Ramos to plague a Manuel Cruz documentary. Not to say, an inveterate reader of Eduard Bernstein, the rogue of the motion was ill-equipped to resist La Moncloa syndrome. A year and no budget later, his tenant has already degenerated into an electoral ludopath, a happy Latorre brother. His game is called the solitaire and is that left, center, right and nationalism have to surrender to the alpha trilero without receiving in return any guarantee that he will stop moving the ball. There is another game called the liar, where the one who best lies wins. And finally there is the hangman game, which loses the one that boasts so much of having the longest rope that ends up suffocating with it.

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