Unsuccessful money prosecuted at Saitama Rugby Football Association for a former employee September 12 19:24

The Saitama Rugby Football Association sued the police for suspicion of embezzlement on business, as it was suspected that a 51-year-old former employee who was in charge of accounting was found to be diverted privately, finding over 9 million yen of unaccounted money I made it clear.

This was announced by the Saitama Rugby Football Association at a meeting in Kumagaya City on the 12th.

According to it, in December last year it was found that the sales price of the rugby top league game ticket was less than 9 million yen, I heard the situation from the 51-year-old female staff who was in charge of accounting, I It means that appropriation was accepted.

He says to the association's investigation that he admits that he diverted privately, but does not clearly remember how much he used.

The staff retired in January, and the provincial rugby football association filed a complaint with the police at the end of last month on suspicion of embezzlement.

Shinji Masuda, chairman of Saitama Rugby Football Association, said, “We are deeply reflecting on this situation before the opening of the World Cup. We will strengthen the check system and work to prevent recurrence.”