Weeks after the confusion surrounding the issue of Palestinian Esraa Gharib, whose circumstances drove the death of Palestinian and Arab public opinion in general, the Palestinian Attorney General, Akram Al-Khatib, today cut doubt with certainty, stressing that Esra was killed as a result of severe beatings.

He said during a press conference in Ramallah: "The reason for the death of Israa is a severe respiratory failure due to beatings and violence," denying allegations that previously indicated that the girl fell from the balcony of the house.

He explained: "We have proved through investigations and evidence that the claim of the fall of the deceased from the balcony of the house, but to hide the violence suffered by Israa before entering the hospital."

He also noted that Israa had been subjected to domestic violence and beatings, regretting that she had not talked about it.

Psychological pressure and juggling
The widespread sound recording was the result of the combination of two different sounds. He continued, "We have proved through investigations and evidence that Esraa Gharib was subjected to a series of psychological pressure and physical violence and subjected to acts of voodoo by some members of her family."

In addition, he announced the arrest of three defendants accused of the murder of Isra, and referred them to court.

He also pointed out that the Public Prosecution started investigations to identify who leaked the result of the forensic report, stressing that he would be punished.

Pictures of the forensic medical report were leaked to Palestinian media on Wednesday, revealing the cause of death, and Israa was beaten, broken and bruised.

It is noteworthy that the story of Israa turned into a public opinion issue, more than two weeks ago after the hashtag #Allen_Israa.Weird social networking sites, and feminist institutions and human rights activists considered that what happened was a murder committed by her family, due to social problems and incitement of relatives.

The activists based their accusations on several facts, the most important of which was the arrival of Israa on August 9 with a broken spine and bruises on her body, which was considered evidence of severe violence by her family.