The Palestinian girl Esraa Gharib, whose murder sparked the Palestinian and Arab street in general, issued a social networking site "Twitter", following the issuance of the Palestinian Public Prosecution, today, confirming that the girl died as a result of severe beatings.

Followers on Twitter showed their sympathy and grief over what a strange Israa had suffered, calling for her mercy and resting her soul in peace. He said one of the followers: "Vrqdk your spirit of pure peace .. Praise be to God appeared right and God triumphed from her people who oppressed her."

Another said: "Today it is for your soul to rest .. This is their reward in this world and you have a meeting before God .. Mercy and peace for your soul."

Observers also expressed their pleasure at the emergence of the truth after the Palestinian Attorney General, Akram Al-Khatib, revealed the results of the investigation of the Public Prosecution in the case, stressing that Israa was severely beaten and led to death, which invalidates the family's claim that the victim Israa Gharib fell from the balcony of her home. One of the singers said: "# Israa_Grape, thank God Talaat the truth of the rest of their execution and relaxed Israa grave."

Another said: "Praise be to God, the truth came! When God meets adversaries."

For their part, followers pointed out that the verdict to be taken against the perpetrators of this murder is death or life imprisonment, as they demanded the Palestinian prosecution. One of the tweets said: "I wish the death sentence or imprisonment for life, let them through him to be considered."

Another said: "We demand the harshest and maximum degree of punishment in order to achieve the right and the establishment of justice."

Followers demanded the trial of a cousin and father of Israa Gharib, because they were involved in this crime. One of the follow-up said: "Lech Maathakamt cousin and her father are also partners pain."

On the other hand, followers expressed their admiration for the position of the friends of Israa Gharib, who were closer to her family, and they were credited with revealing the truth. One of the tweeters said: "I loved her friends and how they stood with her and revealed the truth of her people, rare we meet the owners of their hearts as well as pure and stop the face of the whole world to defend us."

Another said: "Your family may be your killers and the stranger is your savior !! Thanks to Esraa's girlfriends."

On the other hand, some feminist institutions and Palestinian human rights activists launched the protection of Palestinian women after the killing of Israa Ghraib, considering what happened as a crime committed by her family, due to social problems and incitement from relatives who do not care about the law or society. Take decisive and strict measures in this regard.